Thursday, 2 June 2011

No. 4 : Passion and Love

It's almost 2 years since dad left us.  I still miss him very much.

When I was living in Japan, Daddy communicates with me via emails and online chats.  He often mentioned about the brownies and cakes which my sister made.  Believe it or not, I hadn't had the chance or luxury to try them then.

Daddy loved ice cream and other kinds of dessert.  He had a thing for them and even when he was ill, he couldn't resist the ice cream we bought. It's definitely a spoonful of sugar that helped the medicine go down.

And so, for this year's Father's Day, my sister came up with two types of cakes (I know it's still not Father's Day yet...).  She has made an Espresso Chocolate Chip Cake and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes.  She topped both cakes with Chocolate Ganache.  D E L I C I O U S! !

As I am the honorable "guinea pig", I had the privilege to try them before anyone else; except for the one who baked them, of course.  If you like a cake with a strong and lasting aroma, I suggest that you try the Espresso Chocolate Chip Cake.  Together with the Ganache, it is as if you are having Mocha but this time, you're not drinking it.

The Chocolate Chip Cupcake with the Chocolate Ganache is a great combination for chocolate lovers.  No doubt about it. My sis and I usually shares one cupcake for tasting purposes. But I had 1.5 and only because the combination of the sponginess of the cake and the thickness of the Ganache blends so well together, I couldn't stop chewing.

If I am still in Japan and he is still around, he would tell me that the cakes my sister made are delicious.  Daddy, you are right again!

It is my sister's passion and my dad's love for sweets that made me share this post with you, my readers.  You have got to try them!!

So how about a cake as a token of appreciation to an honorable and wonderful dad on Father's Day?

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cake topped with Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache

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